Chairman's Message

Strength & growth
come only through
continuous effort
and struggle . . . side cd-rom

Chairman's Message

Education is always progressive when any new discovery about nature’s functioning is gained through modern science, it is immediately incorporated in education. This has been the basic of progress in every generation.

The world is changing faster than you can dream. To stay competitive , a new opportunity for learning needs to be created. BCCST equipped the students in this way to face the challenges of the changing world & it is only possible due to our highly qualified, dedicated, sincere, staff and years of experience in teaching process.

The students of BCCST are its pride and its strength . I, as the chairman of the BCCST always believe in discipline of the students as discipline will bring not only laurels but also high academic competitive performance. I hope to be able to interact with both, the faculty as well as the students & I will try to address any problem that they bring to the best of my abilities.

It will be my effort that all parts of this college may function together harmoniously . It is my hope and dream that we will take this institution to unprecedented heights.

I wish all the best to all aspiring students in achieving their goal.

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